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You won’t find anything more uniquely designed than how BMW Motorrad designs their motorcycles ...  You wanted to break apart the pack and form your own identity, and now you have. So obviously, if you purchase something made in Germany, of the finest materials and handiwork, it’s going to cost you a lot to get the parts you need for it, right? WRONG. Dead wrong. At Suncoast, we have a wide variety of BMW motorcycle parts that are priced affordably. That way you spend less time waiting, and more time riding.

F Models1

Born in the motorcycle mecca of Berlin, Germany, the BMW F series emerged in 2008 as a spirited family of dual-sport wonders. Picture this lineup: the F650GS, F700GS, F800GS, and the adventure-ready F800GSA, all fueled by parallel-twin engines. In 2012, the F700GS took the reins from the F650GS, bringing in a fresh wave of enthusiasm. Fast forward to 2013, and the F800GSA stole the spotlight with a whopping 24-litre fuel tank, a beefed-up front fairing, and an imposing screen. The F800GT and F800S? They're the cool cats with belt drives, adding a dash of style to the F series symphony.

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G Models0

In 2006, the offroad-focused G series bikes roared onto the scene, rocking the 652 cc engine from the F650GS. Fun fact: the engine switch-up took production from China to Berlin. But wait, there's more! Fast forward to November 2007, and the G450X burst onto the stage, boasting a 450 cc single-cylinder engine and some wild tech. The standout? A single pivot point for the drive sprocket and swing arm, ensuring a taut drive chain, saving on wear, and delivering a smooth ride.

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K Models126

The BMW K series motorcycles boast a range of water-cooled engines, including three, four, and six cylinders. Initially recognized for their unique "flying brick" layout, where the engine lies on its side, the K series evolved over the years. Confronted with the imperative for a rapid creation of an eco-friendly four-cylinder engine, BMW revved up the fun factor with BMW's rebel on two wheels, the K100 engine! Born in 1977, this bad boy threw tradition out the window, rocking a flat-four design swiped from a Peugeot 104. Not just a trendsetter, it injected a dose of efficiency and handling swagger into the motorcycle scene, proving BMW knows how to break the mold with style. The K1600 series, with a powerful straight-six engine, marked a pinnacle in terms of size and complexity, showcasing BMW's innovation and commitment to performance.

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R Models330

The R series of BMW motorcycles are known for their horizontally opposed flat-twin (boxer) engines. Originally air-cooled, newer models use partial oil cooling or water cooling. Airheads, built from 1923 to 1995, used air-cooled engines, while Oilheads, introduced later, have partially oil-cooled cylinder heads. Water-cooled boxer engines were introduced in 2013 and are used in some modern BMW bikes. Additionally, BMW produced single-cylinder R series motorcycles from 1925 to 1967.

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S Models131

BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle division of BMW, known for producing motorcycles since 1923. In 2015, they achieved record sales with 136,963 vehicles sold, marking five years of consecutive growth. The company's first motorcycle was the R32, introduced in 1923, which featured a flat-twin boxer engine. While BMW Motorrad still produces motorcycles with this configuration, they also manufacture bikes with different engine layouts. Their S series, for example, includes high-performance models with inline-four engines like the S1000RR, S1000R, and S1000XR.

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