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Born in the motorcycle mecca of Berlin, Germany, the BMW F series emerged in 2008 as a spirited family of dual-sport wonders. Picture this lineup: the F650GS, F700GS, F800GS, and the adventure-ready F800GSA, all fueled by parallel-twin engines. In 2012, the F700GS took the reins from the F650GS, bringing in a fresh wave of enthusiasm. Fast forward to 2013, and the F800GSA stole the spotlight with a whopping 24-litre fuel tank, a beefed-up front fairing, and an imposing screen. The F800GT and F800S? They're the cool cats with belt drives, adding a dash of style to the F series symphony.


The BMW F650, born in 1993, marked BMW Motorrad's foray into the single-cylinder world since the '60s. Initially featuring the F650St Strada and the 'Funduro,' known for its dual-purpose mojo, the family evolved post-2000 with models like the F650CS Scarver, F650GS, and F650GS Dakar.

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Bucking the trend, BMW's F-series motorcycles don't play by the displacement rules; they dance to a different tune with all models rocking the same 798 cc engine, but sporting diverse power outputs and features. The rebellious F700GS took the stage in 2012, giving the boot to its predecessor, the F650GS. For off-road antics, the GS models flaunt extended suspension travel. The F700, a powerhouse with 75 hp, can also be tamed to 47 hp. Plus, they've got twin brake discs up front, making these bikes not just rebels, but versatile performers on and off the road.

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In 2013, BMW cranked up the adventure quotient with the F800GSA, flaunting a colossal 24-litre fuel tank, and a beefed-up front fairing and screen. Meanwhile, the F800GT and F800S opted for belt drive. Despite sharing a common engine, the rebellious F800 kicks out 85 horsepower, a cool 10 more than its counterparts. Need to dial it down a notch? No problem – the F800 can be tamed to 47 horsepower. With twin front brake discs and the added perk of anti-lock brakes (ABS), the F800 is not just a rebel; it's a powerhouse with a touch of finesse.

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