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Big Wheel BW5

You still own one of these? That’s awesome. From 1985 to 1989, the Yamaha Big wheel, also known as the BW200, BW80, and BW350, was a child’s dream. For those who like their rims small and tires big, the Big Wheel provided hours of fun and adventure.  With a front tire size at 25x8, and a rear tire at 23x12, these tires can take a lot of punch. They don’t make bikes like this anymore, so keep yours going with guaranteed OEM parts from us.


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Grizzly 30012

This small ATV was only produced from 2012-2015, and it’s a shame it didn’t continue. A small one cylinder engine gave it an affordable price point, and Yamaha’s suspension system allowed it to still take on tough jobs. With an automatic clutch, and hydraulic brakes, this Yamaha ATV was easy to just pick up and operate. Get the best parts for your Grizzly 300 without paying all those premium prices.


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Grizzly 5502

For those who need more power  from a still affordable ATV line, look no further than the Yamaha 550. Still a single stroke engine, with a slightly higher cc displacement than the 300, this is for Grizzly the folks who need a little more power on tougher terrain. Also featured was the double disc brakes on both the front and rear of the ATV, offering superior stopping power. Find the best parts for all of your Yamaha Grizzly needs on our online catalog. 


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Grizzly 70038

The Grizzly model with the longest tenure, the Grizzly 700 is tough enough to handle whatever terrain you throw at it. Independent wishbone suspension on both the front and the rear allowed for travel on even the rockiest terrain. Automatic transmission is a standard feature on this ATV and up until 2019, was a major player in the game. They may not produce the Yamaha Grizzly 700 anymore, but you can keep yours going with the best used OEM parts and accessories.


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Raptor 66018

Yamaha’s quad ATV comes racing into the scene against some fierce competition. This being the first gen starting in 2006. This is one awesome, four wheeler, designed more for racing rather than trail riding, and boasting one of the highest displacement engines available in a quad. The Yamaha Raptor stands in a category all its own, and with the best selection of used performance parts available for your quad, Sun Coast Cycle Sports can help keep it in pristine condition.


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Rhino 45013

Not everyone needs a workhorse powerhouse UTV. Sometimes you need a transport vehicle with plenty of speed and reliability, and that’s where Yamaha’s Rhino 450 comes into play. Lightweight and nimble, with enough power to casually browse any trail, this entry level side by side is hailed by the people who ride them as being exactly what they need. If mother nature gives your UTV issues, then don’t fret, shop the best used part selection for all Yamaha Rhino models from Sun Coast.


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