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The BMW K series motorcycles boast a range of water-cooled engines, including three, four, and six cylinders. Initially recognized for their unique "flying brick" layout, where the engine lies on its side, the K series evolved over the years. Confronted with the imperative for a rapid creation of an eco-friendly four-cylinder engine, BMW revved up the fun factor with BMW's rebel on two wheels, the K100 engine! Born in 1977, this bad boy threw tradition out the window, rocking a flat-four design swiped from a Peugeot 104. Not just a trendsetter, it injected a dose of efficiency and handling swagger into the motorcycle scene, proving BMW knows how to break the mold with style. The K1600 series, with a powerful straight-six engine, marked a pinnacle in terms of size and complexity, showcasing BMW's innovation and commitment to performance.


In 1991, BMW enhanced the K100's engine displacement from 987 cc to 1,097 cc, leading to the introduction of the K1100 model. The K1100LT became the initial variant equipped with the upgraded engine. Subsequently, in 1998, BMW once again increased the engine size, this time to 1,170 cc. The improved flat-four engine debuted in the K1200RS and remained in production for the K1200LT series. A power-boosting update in 2004 marked the continuation of this engine until the conclusion of the K1200LT production run.

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The BMW K1200GT is a sport-touring motorcycle known for its speed and comfort. Introduced in 2006, it features the same powerful inline-4 engine as the K1200S sportbike, which set a world speed record in 2005. The K1200GT offers adjustable seat and handlebars, integral ABS, panniers, and an electronically adjustable screen as standard, with options like electronic suspension adjustment (ESA), xenon light, and cruise control available.

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The BMW K 1200 LT, a luxury touring motorcycle, was available from 1998 to 2009 and was a competitor to the Honda Gold Wing. It was known for its rich features including cruise control, reversing aid, on-board computer, and electrically adjustable windshield. The 1200cc engine was tuned for a wide torque range, offering 98 hp and 115 Nm maximum torque. The chassis featured a stable cast aluminum frame and a Telelever swingarm at the front, providing good controllability despite its weight. A revised model in 2004 introduced a more powerful engine, electro-hydraulically extendable main stand, and other enhancements.

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The BMW K1200RS is a sport-touring motorcycle and the last iteration of BMW's four-cylinder longitudinal engine, known as the "flying brick." Produced from 1996 to 2004, nearly 38,000 units were built in Germany. The model underwent revisions, with the factory code changing from K589 to K547 in 2001, bringing modifications to the headlight panel, foot peg position, handlebars, and standardizing ABS. In 2003, a 'GT' version was introduced with a more upright seating position, adjustable footpegs, an electrically adjustable windscreen, and color-coded hard panniers.

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The BMW K1300R, manufactured from 2008 to 2015, stands out as a powerful naked motorcycle, succeeding the K1200R as BMW's flagship urban bike. Powered by a 1,293 cc inline-four engine producing 173 hp and 140 N⋅m of torque, the K1300R is designed as a muscle bike, emphasizing high power and rapid acceleration. Noteworthy features include BMW's optional ESA-II electronic suspension adjustment and a conventional indicator switch. Despite its impressive performance and recognition as the fastest accelerating naked motorcycle in some tests, the K1300R was not made available for sale in the United States during its production.

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The BMW K1600 series, including the GT, GTL, and B models, stands out as a pinnacle of motorcycle engineering by BMW Motorrad. Introduced with a 1649 cc straight-six engine, these bikes offer a blend of luxury touring, sport touring, and bagger styles. Boasting cutting-edge technology like adaptive headlights and an all-digital instrument cluster, the K1600 series showcases BMW's commitment to innovation. Despite some variations in preference among riders and critics, the K1600 series has earned accolades for its performance and design, making it a notable presence in the touring motorcycle market.

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