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Welcome to the Yamaha Cruiser page. You bleed blue just like us, which is why you know that Yamaha makes some of the best motorcycles money can buy. ...  That doesn’t mean you need to go broke replacing parts however. That’s where we come in, offering gently used parts with prices that will put an even bigger smile on your face than your bike does. Fast, immediate customer service ensures the part you order, is the part you receive.

Bolt 950

From 2014 until now, the Yamaha Bolt has been a shorter wheelbase cruiser model. The bobber style bike gives a classic looking alternative to the V Star. Don’t let the unfortunate  concrete flooring ruin your bike or day. Order your slightly used, guaranteed OEM Yamaha Bolt 950 parts and accessories from us and keep those weekend rides alive. Add free domestic shipping and five star service to boot, and it really is a no brainer.


Does this take you back to the old disco days? When you would pull up in the Vista Cruiser and listen to the new ACDC album? If not, it should. Produced from 1973 -1975, it was one of the first bikes to add the automatic oil injection feature, so you didn’t have to worry about mixing your own gasoline. This bike also only managed just over 39 horsepower, which at the time was faster than grease lightning.


Raider 1900

Yamaha’s limited edition muscle bike. Designed to disrupt the touring industry, Yamaha pumped a lot of funding in adding torque in the 40-60 MPH range, giving it an overall faster feel. The Raider edition featured a lower seat, lengthened front forks, and the widest back tire Yamaha offers. It also was blacked out on the paintjob. As a bike called “Raider” should be.

Road Star 1600 / 1700

From 1999 to 2014, the Yamaha Road Star graced our roads. They may be discontinued, but their legacy still lives on. OEM parts from the Road Star are available through Sun Coast Cycle Sports with free domestic shipping. The Road king came with a variety of accessories included, featuring saddle bags, studded seats, and many more.


Royal Star

Yamaha took their already great design of the Road Star and decided to model it after one of the finest looking designs in motorcycle history. The Yamaha Royal Star is designed to look like the classic Indian Motorcycle, and it looks phenomenal. Imagine having all the power and comfort of a Yamaha Cruiser, but with a classic vintage look. Don’t let this bike go yet, order OEM used parts from us and keep this masterpiece on the road for years to come.


It took over 30 years for Yamaha to bring the SR400 to America and Europe, but boy was it finally worth it when they did. With a four stroke 499cc air-cooled engine, along with a different crankshaft and a shorter piston stroke, This bike is the perfect street cruiser for a variety of different markets, especially bigger cities. This is why the SR400 won Moto of the year twice from Motorrad Magazine.



The Yamaha Stratoliner is the grand touring version of the XV1900. It is the biggest motorcycle Yamaha has in production. Take all of the great features of the XV1900, and add all of the amazing accessories Yamaha can offer, and you have a hell of a traveling motorcycle. The bike still has its incredible 1854 CC V-Twin engine. 


V-Star 250

Originally called the Virago 250 when first introduced in 1988, the Suzuki XV250 is a great beginner motorcycle that features an air cooled engine and an extremely lightweight chassis. With a top speed of 85 miles per hour, this little V-Twin motor can get it done better than any other 250 model out there. With such a long history of production and consistency, Sun Coast has the parts to keep your V Star going for years to come.


V-Star 650

Also known as the Dragstar in european countries and Japan, the Yamaha V Star 650 is a mid level bike in production since 1997. Available in three trims, you can get a touring version for better long distance trips, and a grand touring version that will add saddle bags and many other performance accessories. The 649CC air-cooled motor is perfect for anyone who wants a motorcycle that is fast and powerful, but also isn’t too overwhelming.


V-Star 950

Also known as the Dragstar in select markets, the Yamaha V Star 950 continues the Yamaha V Star tradition with an upgraded fuel injected V-Twin motor. This Midnight Star isn’t built for speed, but acceleration. The bike also added a multi plate wet clutch. Shop your parts used through us in order to receive the best price and keep your V Star on the road.


V-Star 1100

Don’t let the name fool you. This is no drag. This is speed. The Yamaha V Star 1100, called the Dragstar in most markets, is another winner in Yamaha’s long line of lineage. The road is waiting for you, so get your used OEM V Star parts from Sun Coast and never look back again. The haters will have something to say about all the chrome, but you don’t care, because you have taste.



V-Star 1300

For the V Star lovers who want the most power out of their Yamaha cruiser, the V Star 1300 is built for highway riding and long trips. Nicknamed the Midnight Star, people love the five speed manual  and the 60 Degree V Angle Engine. Even though this bike only made its run from 2007 to 2017, the legacy can live on through Sun Coast Cycle Sports, by shopping the best selection of slightly used OEM V Star parts, you can maintain your motorcycle tenfold.


Venture XVZ1200

From 1983 to 1993, Yamaha produced the Venture XVZ1200. A Classic looking, (modern at the time) touring motorcycle made for long trips and featuring many technology features that were designed to change the game. With enough trunk and bag space for hauling anything you need, and built in cruise control, this bike is loved by many still today. Let’s not also forget about the built in cassette player!


Venture Royale XVZ1300

From 1986 to 1993 you could have purchased one of these beauties off the show room floor. Not the most successful bike in Yamaha's history, but one with serious modernization. Cassette deck, intercoms and adjustable passenger backrest are just some of the options these bikes had. Get your Yamaha venture back on the road today with quality used parts.

Vintage Maxim

The Vintage Maxim was designed as a cruiser bike meant for the streets, but with speed of the highway. Advertised in a 1982 sales ad with a quarter mile speed of 12 seconds, This bike was designed as a game changer to a model that Yamaha had been riding for years. Promising more power in a small package and a price tag that would attract multiple demographics, the Vintage Maxim held its ground for years, so keep it going with OEM used parts from us.


Vintage RX50

Only one model year, and only limited numbers sold. If you happen to own one of these, you must be a classic collector or rebuilder. Also called the 50 special, Yamaha experimented with many different model types in the 1980’s in order to appeal to a larger audience and attract new buyers. We have only a select number of parts for the RX50, so act fast before they are gone forever.


Vintage Seca

Also called the Diversion in most parts of the world, the Yamaha Seca has mostly been forgotten by most. However, not by you. It is extremely frustrating when you can’t get the parts you need, so Sun Coast is here to help. We got the serious hookup on all OEM Yamaha Seca and Yamaha Diversion parts and accessories. We are your number one source for vintage motorcycle parts.


Vintage XS

You still have one of these? Hats off to you. Some of these models are almost half a decade old, and still resemble that classic cafe style motorcycle you have come to know and love. We don’t get these in often, but when we do, we buy them up so that we can provide you with the best selection of OEM vintage Yamaha XS650 parts and accessories so you can keep it going for decades to come.


Virago 1100

Old school is the new school. The Virago is the V Star before it was the V Star. From 1981 all the way through 2007, the Virago 1100 filled the role that the extremely successful V Star and Dragstar now occupy. Even with the issues with the Starter System, and the tariff instituted for Harley Davidson, the Virago still became insanely popular and sold well. Did we also mention this bike was Yamaha’s first V-Twin Engine? 




Virago 750

A Classic for any Yamaha motorcycle lover, The Virago 750 is the perfect mid level cruiser. The First model to use the V-twin engine, compiled with many of the same parts and frame from the 1100, this model went through many hoops due to tariffs placed in the 80’s that limited imported motorcycles. This is why the models started in 1981, ran through 1983, and didn’t pick back up until 1988. Get your OEM parts from Sun Coast and always receive free domestic shipping!


Virago 920

A rare bike only made from 1981 to 1983, the Yamaha XV920, also named the Yamaha Virago 920, was the first line of bikes to use the V-Twin engine. After the tariff hikes of 1983, Yamaha would go on to rebrand this bike and upgrade the engine, resulting in the Virago 1000. That makes this bike something of a collectors item nowadays, so kudos to you for keeping it this long. Keep it even longer with used parts from us, and never pay domestic shipping.



Power junkies worry not. The Yamaha VMAX has been an absolute powerhouse since 1985. With a V4 motor, and state of the art chassis and suspension, this bike has turned into a playground for Yamaha, throwing technology and ideas at it year after year to make some of the coolest concept models we have seen yet. If you demand excellence and power, you made a good choice with this motorcycle. Now it’s time to make another, by buying your used VMAX parts from Sun Coast, you can save money and still ride the coolest bike on the market.


Warrior 1700

The Yamaha Road Star Warrior 1700 is the special edition that compares to the likes of the Goldwing. A 1699cc V-twin motor powers this highway cruiser with major improvements made to the suspension and chassis. Out of all the Yamaha Road Star models, the Warrior series feels like the right balance of everything you could need in a motorcycle package. Find used parts for your Warrior from us, and make sure nothing gets in the way of that trip to Sturgis.



The Yamaha Virago 535 tried to create a space in the middle where one wasn’t really needed. That doesn’t mean the bike still doesn’t kick butt though! The Virago is still a classic lineup for Yamaha’s cruiser line. Still powered by a V-twin motor, the 535cc motor displacement model came with telescopic forks, a wet clutch, and coil spring shocks. Don’t let the price of parts keep you from riding, shop our excellent OEM Selection now!



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