Simple Advice for Couples Who Are Planning the Ultimate Adventure Trip

The ultimate adventure trips awaits! Perhaps you and your partner have the need for speed and you dream of jet skiing the shoreline of Lake Havasu on the California/Arizona border, motorcycling down Mount Evans Scenic Byway in Colorado, or driving a UTV along the thousands of miles of trails in Texas’ Wildcat Mountain. There’s always the active adventure such as mountain biking along the Old Ghost Road in New Zealand or bungee jumping from the Navajo Bridge in Arizona.

Planning an adventure trip is an exciting time in any thrill-seeking couple’s lives. However, planning a memorable but safe adventure trip takes some time—and some changes to your phone plan, insurance policies, and vaccination records may be in order. To minimize your risk of encountering any major issues along the way, be sure to keep the following tips in mind as you plan and prepare your epic couple’s adventure.

Check Your Wireless Coverage

Before your trip, take some time to verify whether your existing phone plan will accommodate you throughout your journey. Even if you’ve vowed to spend as little screen time as possible during your couple’s getaway, you’ll likely want to use the phone’s built-in GPS to navigate your way around an unfamiliar city, state or country. Plus, you never know when you may want to cuddle up to watch an episode of your favorite television show!

Prior to your trip, contact your wireless provider to explore your options, including unlimited phone plans. Depending on the situation, ensuring that you have unlimited talk, data, and text messages may be a worthwhile investment. To avoid costly roaming fees, however, you may need to take additional precautions.

Get Road Trip-Ready

If you and your partner plan to travel by vehicle, you’ll want your car to be road trip-ready before setting off on your adventure. To prepare your vehicle for a road trip, remember to check your tires and fill essential fluids such as the oil and power steering, brake, windshield and transmission fluids.

Moreover, it’s also wise to review your existing automobile insurance policy to determine whether you’ll need to purchase any additional coverages. Since minimum coverage amounts vary by state, it’s important to work with your insurer to determine whether you’ll need to modify your existing policy before crossing state lines.

If you’ve worked with the same automobile insurer for years, however, this may be an ideal time to shop around for a new policy. When comparing insurance companies, remember to take each company’s A.M. Best financial ratings into account. Highly rated companies include Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive.

Get Vaccinated

If you and your partner will be traveling internationally, refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s website to find out if any travel advisories are in effect for the region in which you will be visiting, or whether you’ll need to get vaccinated prior to your trip. When traveling to some parts of the world, antimalarials or other medications may also be recommended.

Depending on several factors such as your destination and the types of activities you’ll be engaging in, the CDC may recommend vaccinations for hepatitis A and/or B, typhoid, rabies, yellow fever, and Japanese encephalitis. For instance, you and your partner may need rabies vaccinations if you’ll be camping, caving, or engaging in another outdoor activity in remote parts of the world.

Insure Your Trip

Even if you do everything you can to minimize your risk of encountering an obstacle during your couple’s trip, emergencies do occur. From medical emergencies to natural disasters, there are plenty of reasons to purchase travel insurance—especially before an adventure trip. Depending on the policy you choose, key benefits include coverage for trip cancellations, emergency assistance and baggage protection.

When traveling abroad, you’ll protect yourself even further if your insurance policy includes comprehensive medical coverage. Typically, your domestic health insurance policy won’t cover you while you’re outside of the country—which could lead to a hefty bill in a medical emergency. Before your trip, verify this information with your health insurance provider to determine whether travel insurance may be needed.

While the perfect adventure trip takes quite a bit of planning, these tips will help you and your partner to ensure that you have everything you need for a safe, fun and enjoyable journey. Whether you’ll be rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park in California, mountain biking throughout Lake Tahoe National Forest, or camping at Everest Base Camp in Nepal, these tips will prepare you for the many adventures that await you!

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