The Art Of Learning How To Service Your Own Motorcycle

Posted by Nicholas Moody on 1st Apr 2021

The Art Of Learning How To Service Your Own Motorcycle

For anyone who hates spending $100 an hour with a mechanic to fix their bike, we feel you. As we stated in our article two weeks back, motorcycle parts are rising and getting more expensive, which means now not only are you paying more for the part itself, but a ridiculous amount for the labor also. There is an art to learning how to service your own motorcycle, and it isn't as hard as you might think. It is easy to get overwhelmed and just give up, but try some of these methods first to save you some more money you can use on those sweet upgrades instead.

1: Learn how a motorcycle works

Knowing how to service certain parts is cool, but the truth is, knowing how a motorcycle works from start to finish will immediately help you get a head start on any task at hand. If a bike isn't starting for instance, knowing how the push button reacts with the spark plugs to send a signal to the fuel pump to ignite the fuel to create a combustion process can help you create a step by step process of all the possible issues and help devise an action plan for tackling it. It isn't as hard or over-whelming as you think! Check out this amazing video from Fortnine where in just seven minutes he dismantles a motorcycle and explains how it works.

2: Youtube is your best friend

You have an entire encyclopedia in your pocket, and it's for more than just watching cat videos. Someone out there has created a video to help show what you need to do, and there is no shame in watching it to learn. Watch the video before hand to create an action plan. Then grab all of the materials and tools you will need. (Which can also be looked up on your phone, who knew?) Once this is done, dive in head first and service the part!

3: Never be afraid to ask for help

Men struggle with this for some reason. Might be a pride thing or stubbornness. However, never, and I mean never, be afraid to ask for help. Call Auto shops or mechanic shops, chat with people online. Join Facebook groups and ask questions, or even use Reddit. There are infinite number of ways to ask others who have dealt with the same problems you have, and asking their opinion will get you a clear idea of what to expect and how to go around obstacles that arise to block your path.

4: Read your manual

Did you know that your motorcycle literally comes with a book on how to service it? Most people don't read their manuals anymore, but they should. Every part, feature, and diagram is clearly laid out for you in this book, and some will even include a toolkit. Get out the bifocals and study up! You might have to learn how to read a parts diagram for this one, but trust us, it will be well worth your time. This is one of the biggest keys to being able to service your own motorcycle.

5: Create a game plan

I know I have stressed this a lot, but it is super important. Make sure you have all of the required tools and resources readily available to limit the amount of issues and stress that arises. If things do turn south, or you run into minor issues, stay calm. Getting angry will only result in thrown wrenches and little progress. We know from experience.

If you use these rules, it won't take long until you can hold your own. Learning how your motorcycle works and how to fix it is an extremely useful skill that will save you a ton of money in the long run. If you want to save even more money, buy used and salvaged parts from Sun Coast Cycle Sports to get the same result at a much lower price.

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